effortlessly making an effort to simply simplify

A Cathartic Cup of Coffee

Just like any other morning at the office, I went to fetch a cup of coffee so that I get my body functioning. My friend, lets call her Naina, stopped me to have a talk. We would often have such sessions whenever one of was in need, but this time she seemed especially in dismay, somethingContinue reading “A Cathartic Cup of Coffee”

Afloat the River of Love

Here is a story about a couple, madly in love with each other. Their affair started beautifully,  overloaded with affection and care.  While they were sailing in the boat of cheer and happiness, a bird by the name of possession started visiting them sometimes, they enjoyed that until that bird became a regular visitor andContinue reading “Afloat the River of Love”

Let go Or Hold on?

The power of letting go…. Holding on to someone or something gives you a vibe of being needy, being desperate. On the other hand letting go gives you a vibe of empowerment and freedom.When i started losing weight post pregnancy, my first lesson was ” the more I crave food, the more I gain weight”Continue reading “Let go Or Hold on?”

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